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About Us

Founded in 2015, Sisira Dancewear is a small business with its mission to produce high-quality “handcrafted” dancewear for dancers around the world.


The brand was established by Sisira Lilascharoen, a dance educator who is passionate about art and design. When she was a young ballet student, finding a dancewear that fits her preference in her hometown, Thailand was quite challenging since there were not many options to choose from. Sisira decided to design and create dancewear of her own with a goal to offer more variety of dancewear for all dancers in the community.


Sisira Dancewear cherishes the intricacy of Thai craftsmanship. Every single piece of our product is carefully handmade by local artisans. As the brand continues to grow with supports from value customers, friends, and families, we are extremely excited to make our locally handmade products available worldwide.



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